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Jack Sparrow is a fictional character in the Walt Disney-made Caribbean pirates managed by Gore Verbinski by Johnny Depp in the film series.

Pirates of the Caribbean, the first film of the series: The caribbean pirates were recognized as the curse of the Black Pearl, followed by the Caribbean Pirates: The Pirates of the Dead Man, Caribbean Pirates: The World’s End and Caribbean Pirates: The Pirates of the World and Caribbean. There is also a children’s book written in the name of Sparrow; Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow is described in Jack’s childhood periods in this book. At the same time, the character has been placed in numerous video games: Disney’s Pirates like The Caribbean Online.

Originally, Sparrow is designed as a guidance guidance to Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), but Johnny Depp managed to change the weight of Jack Sparrow character. With an eye-catching and eccentric interpretation, Pepe Le Pev and Rolling Stones guitarist created Jack inspired by Keith Richards and Captan Sparrow turned into a hero. Depp received the first Academy Award candidacy as the best actor in the first film of the trilogy.

Although Captain Jack Sparrow is not given too much information on the movies in the history, it is known that he is a pirate of Caribbean pirate lord, and the father of Captain Teague Sparrow is a hijacker as he or she is in the pirate lords.

Jack agreed with Davy Jones in order to make black pearl in the past and float with Davy Jones, he agreed to give his soul after 13 years. But after two years of bluster of black pearls, the specters were thrown by Hector Barbossa in the leadership of Hector Barbossa, and the expression of a deserted island -barbossa is determined. When the Captain Jack is rid of the island, it has gained reputation with this escape and has been explained. Jack has a very special compass this compass is not the north of the human being in his hand shows what he wants the most. Therefore, the people who do not know the feature are impulse. Jack has received this compass in youth years as a pre-mortal gift in the first conflict of Salaza against the first conflict of Salaza and Jeckin.

The Captain Jack Sparrow character is the most colorful character of the Caribbean pirates of the character of the Character of the Caribbus. Interesting hairstyle, swinging walking, bunch of fringe clothes and unique exaggerated gestures and their particularly features that make it interesting.

Captain Jack represents the pleasing side of the pirates. It is a greedy, cunning and good liar. There are also tendencies to play. But it is not a bad character.

Is very fond of freedom. Skillfully escapes from the danger area. Rom and black pearl are indispensable in life. Especially important to the addition of “Captain” appeal to the name of his name. Doesn’t think about the later. Although he moves to his mind, it has an idea for every situation. Evaluate the possessions to the hand. It is not afraid of taking risks and often play gamblings based on their self.

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