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There are too many fish in the water and have special foods for the fish but some tourists are water chopsticks, bags, etc. Beats. I just remind tourists, pay attention to your quality, pay attention to your moral value!

Tickets for Yu Garden, 40RMB / person, half price for students, 20RMB / person! The landscape inside is beautiful!

Yu Linglong has turned out to be this thing! I’ve always thought of jade stone! Please donate my ignorance. . .

Actually Yu Garden looks like other gardens. . It’s all architectural plants, mountains and rivers but the first time I turned every corner of a garden! If you want to learn more, it is best to find a tour guide to talk about it! I had a water well or something inside, I have seen a lot of money inside and I knew that the tourists who throw money on the cave. . . I’m stupid and didn’t throw it inside. . . Hey, it was a piece of money. . .

The best thing to do when you come to Shanghai is to come to Yu Garden! After walking, we decided to return to Jiangwan town to confirm the newly booked hotel. We did not descend from the subway, we saw someone closer, we went in, and we had a look, so he made you feel good, so we retired our afternoon booking and changed a Weibo hotel! Two beds, very large, suitable for three people, per night 189rmb, plus weekends 10RMB. I have to say that it’s not a bit stronger than yesterday, next to the subway station! ! Leave your luggage and take a break. Go back at 7:00 PM, move to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, go straight to Bund and feel the lure of Yaya Street underneath and the Huangpu River underneath!

Make the common sense of Oriental Pearl Tower popular! The East’s pearl tower is the East’s pearl TV Tower. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower (The Oriental Pearl TV Tower) is located in Lujiazui, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China. At the adjacent the Huangpu River and is located opposite the BUND River where Shanghai International News Center is located. Oriental Pearl Tower is designed by Jiang Hancheng from Shanghai Modern Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. The tower is 468 meters high. Shanghai is a famous Shanghai symbol with a very remarkable symbol.

Stand next to Bund and look at PUXi towards Pudong! I always loved to stand by the river and by the seaside, I can go on vacation with the sea breeze blowing at night! Consider the scenes of the Ching Ming Festival in Pearl River! Very happy! I felt sea breeze in Xinghai Park since I went to Dalian for the winter holiday with my best friends. Then I went to Bayuquan to see Xiao Benben on the frozen sea for the first time in Shanhai Square. I went to Guangzhou to see the master sister on the Pearl River. This time I was on the Huangpu River, sister Guang and sister bin with Shanghai.

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